Fit Suits

There’s nothing like a great Made to Measure experience. If you’re in the market for a new suit, it’s the way to go. Since starting HSS a little over two years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to go through a variety of Made to Measure programs. And it’s about time I start reviewing them.

The Basics.

From the extensive fabric books, I ended up choosing a Holland & Sherry Super 100’s worsted wool with a bold pinstripe. Notch lapel (a little wider on purpose), three flap pockets, side tabs, and dark horn buttons. Classic styling for a classic pinstripe suit. A word on the lapels: one aspect of Knot Standard that impressed me in relation to other made to measure programs, is that I was able to choose how wide I wanted them to be. Usually, there are a couple of samples and what you see is what you get. Having that sort of control was a big Bonus.

Jacket Fit. 

I consider myself fairly lucky, in that off the rack clothing tends to fit me very well. Jackets, in particular, rarely require any alterations. This was no different for me at Knot Standard.  The 36R sample jacket was so spot on we didn’t want to touch it when the suit came back for my second fitting

Trouser Fit. 

Pants are always a touchy subject and I tend to be very particular. I don’t like a high rise and I prefer them to have a slim (not to be confused with skinny) and tapered silhouette. I want to be able to actually wear and feel comfortable in them. Credit Lewis’s expertise, because when the pants came back, they fit perfectly in the waist, and I’d never had a more perfect taper without having alterations after the second fitting. We needed to lengthen them slightly, but that was a relatively minor fix.

I have some shoes , Watches and Bags which are perfect for some Suits