The first Fragrance

Amouage Gold pour Homme by Amouage is a Woody Floral Musk

fragrance for men. Amouage Gold pour Homme was launched in 1998.

The nose behind this fragrance is Guy Robert.

Top notes are rose hip, incense and lily-of-the-valley; middle notes are orris

root, jasmine and myrrh; base notes are amber, sandalwood, patchouli, musk,

civet, oakmoss and cedar.

EPIC for men

Amouage introduces a new luxurious pair, Epic, by the House’s creativedirector Christopher Chong. This fragrant duo is inspired by the Puccini’sTurandot, and tried to embody the legend of the ancient Silk Road from China toArabia. The female fragrance, Epic Woman, represents an endeavor run by strengthand ambition, while the Epic Man is a compass on the Silk Road.Richness of these fragrances evokes the goods that were objects of trade inAsia (gold, pearls, tea, silk, jade, spices and incense), mixed with thedramatic signature of the House.The male fragrance Epic Man is an oriental woody one, offering you pinkpepper, cardamom, saffron and nutmeg at the top. The heart pulses with essencesof geranium and myrrh, while the base consists of precious Aoud, patchouli,leather and incense.The perfumes are available as 50 and 100 ml EDP. Their bottles were designedto look like they’re made out of royal jade of the Orient, with some goldendetails to point out the richness of Arabia. The outer packages shines withsheer nude shades of pearl (female edition) and rustic color of brown (maleedition), that reminds of ancient China leather suitcases. The nose behind thesefragrances is RandaHammami. Amouage Epic Man was launched in 2009.

Amouage INTERLUDE for men

Amouage presents a new pair of fragrances by the name of Interlude.Interlude Woman and Interlude Man are said to evoke an air of disorderwhile maintaining a sense of balance and tranquility through the inventive useof incense and myrrh.Christopher Chong said: “I interpret what I see and feel into scents. All thesocial and natural chaos and disorder surrounding us today can be translated toa much more intimate level. The interlude moment is a reflection of all thetrials and tribulations one overcomes to attain personal satisfaction andachievement.” He also explained the use of ingredients: “Amouage hasestablished an enviable reputation for re-inventing accustomed scents.Frankincense and Myrrh traditionally smell spiritual and religious but inInterlude, they have been reconstructed to feel contemporary yet sophisticated.”Interlude Man is a spicy – woody fragrance that opens with zestybergamot, oregano and pimento berry oil, perpetuating intervals of conflictwhich are countered by aromatic notes of amber, frankincense, opoponax, cistusand myrrh. Eternal notes of leather, agarwood smoke, patchouli and sandalwood inthe base add lasting layers of depth and texture. Perfumer: PierreNegrin.Amouage’s signature glass crystal bottles are colored in a rich andmesmerizing midnight blue hue with gold plated decorations, accentuated with asapphire blue Swarovski crystal. The outer packaging is designed in vibrantcolors that show orderly chaos in abstract and conceptual representation.The fragrances are available as 50 ml and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.Interlude Man was launched in 2012..