at 2 clock in the Morning I had to get up because I had my flight at 6 clock to Alicante, from Basel-Mulhouse. My father drove me to the Airport, The security check passed quickly and I was already on the plane.

I am looked forward to this Holidays because we had our final exams, I could recover there and enjoy the time


 The day was just beautifulL ,my Family and I had alot of walk to do, it had been worth it at the end when we arrived there we felt the clean air it felt perfectly I ran down to the beach took off my shoes and then ran on the sand it felt heavenly. I dont want to go back because it was amazing .After the beach we went to an Italien Restaurant, the Lasagne was perfekt, and at the end of the day we all were tired so I deceided that we should take two Taxi's. We all arrived at our uncle's home and everbody sleept in 5 Minute.

The day was realy beautifull and I loved to enjoy the time with my Family and Friends.


Every day when the sun went down it was clear to me the holidays come to an end.This view was just perfect you just could not be sad because It was too good. My Family and I, we always went for a walk in the neighborhood it  was beautiful you could move freely, the people there were very nice and welcoming.


when we landed and arrived at my uncle's house he gave us something to drink, he also had to go to work 15:00 when he went out I ran in the backyard from the house because I knew there was the pool.Since I was little I loved the water very much I loved to Play in the water swimm aroud the Pool and just relax and enjoy the water.

torrevieja 2015

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